Bag Of Poop Dog Plastic Eco Friendly Disposable Pet Waste Bag

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Bag Of Poop Dog Plastic Eco Friendly Disposable Pet Waste Bag

Place of Origin CN;FUJ
Classify (oxo)Biodegradable Poop bag
PCR poop bag
Bio-based Poop bag
100% Compostable & Biodegradable Poop Bag
OEM Available
Certfication Intertek,ISO
Color Can Be Customized
Scented Customized unscented or scented(lavender,lemon,rose,baby power,lily
Package Quantity 15bags pack, 30 bags pack, 60 bags pack, 120 bags pack, 240 bags pack, 300 bags pack or Customized
Application Home & Municipal Composting,Home Waste, Garden Waste
Shape Standard Rolls,Bulk Rolls,T-Shirt Poop Bags,Vest Poop Bags
Size 9*13inch/22.4*33cm, Thickness From 7mic to 100mic Or Can Be Customized
Advantage 1.100% Leak Proof;
2.Strong Supply Capacity;
3.Unique Design Team;
4.The Earliest Industry

Are you tired of carrying around messy and smelly waste bags when walking your furry friend? We have the perfect solution for you – the dog poop bag! This innovative product is designed to make your pet waste disposal experience a breeze.

With the dog poop bag, you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of handling waste or the embarrassment of carrying around a visibly unattractive bag. Our specially designed bags are discreet, ensuring that you can walk your dog with confidence and style.

One of the key features of our dog poop bag is its exceptional durability. We understand that the last thing you want is a bag that tears or leaks, leaving you with a mess to clean up. That’s why our bags are made from top-quality materials that guarantee ultimate strength and leak-proof performance. You can trust that our bag will securely hold the waste, without any unpleasant surprises.

We also understand the importance of hygiene, which is why our dog poop bag is equipped with a convenient and easy-to-use closure system. No more struggling with knots or trying to seal the bag with your bare hands. Our closure system ensures a tight and secure seal, effectively containing any odor and preventing any leakage.

But that’s not all – the dog poop bag is designed with the utmost convenience in mind. Our bags are dispensed easily from a compact and portable dispenser that can be attached to your leash or belt loop. This means that you will always have a bag within reach when nature calls. No more fumbling around with loose bags or risking going on a walk unprepared.

Another great feature of the dog poop bag is its eco-friendly nature. We understand the importance of reducing our environmental impact, which is why our bags are made from biodegradable materials. By choosing our product, you are not only making your life easier but also making a positive contribution to our planet.

Say goodbye to the hassle and mess associated with waste disposal. The dog poop bag is here to simplify your life and ensure you have a clean and worry-free dog walking experience. So why wait? Join the countless pet owners who have made the switch to our dog poop bag and never dread picking up after your furry friend again.

Invest in the dog poop bag today, and say hello to a cleaner, more enjoyable walking routine with your beloved pet. Don’t waste another moment – order now and discover the ease and convenience of the dog waste bag!

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