Customized Color Hdpe Disposable Eco Friendly Poop Dog Pick Up Bags

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· Strong, high-density gusseted bag resists punctures and tears.

· Large handles for easy carrying.

· Reusable and recyclable


Flat Poly bag:9inch * 13inch, 14mic / 8inch * 13inch,15mic or other
T-shirt bag: width 18cm+12cm side gusset * length 34cm or other


Component: PE+ 1-2% EPI additive

EPI stands for Environmental Plastics Inc(home page is, it is a company name whose head office in Vancouver Canada, and its product is called TDPA(Totally Degradable Plastics Additive), an additive used with plastics to promote the plastic to breakdown fastly than it is disposed in natural condition. Bags with EPI comply with ASTM D-6954 standard, which is for oxo-biodegradable plastic.

EPI bags will breakdown from bag into small pieces in 2 years if 1% EPI is added, or 1.5 years if 2% EPI is added from the bags are disposed in landfill.

EPI claims the small pieces will continuously breakdown into smaller particle, which can be eaten and digested by bacteria, and starts the biodegradation. Plastic Industries admit the breaking-down process, deny the biodegradation will be occurred in natural condition by many academic or industrial testing on it.

Europe ban single use and degradable bags (EPI/D2W additive)

Many academic reports against degradable materials , the expert think such materials do not solve the global problem of plastic pollution, stating it instead encourages members of the public to litter under the misconception the material is biodegradable.These materials contain additives that accelerate the conversion of plastics into microplastics after months or years of laying in the open. The microplastics is danger and will flow into the human body.  So there are many calls to ban such similar materials.



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